Wilcox Ridge (450 m elev. gain)

Kona Wilcox Ridge Snow Dome Mt. Kitchener Columbia Icefield Jasper National Park
Kona on Wilcox Ridge, Snow Dome and Mt. Kitchener behind

Kona near top of Wilcox Ridge in late June with glaciated Snow Dome and Mt. Kitchener behind.

Kona Columbia Icefield Wilcox Ridge
Kona on Wilcox Ridge, Athabasca Glacier and Columbia Icefield below

Below, at end of hike with Mt. Athabasca in clouds, Mt. Andromeda (“Skyladder snow / ice climb on right hand ridge), Athabasca glacier, Columbia Icefield, and shoulder of Snow Dome at right.

plein air painting Wilcox Ridge
Plein air painting on Wilcox Ridge

Kona patiently waiting while her “dad” sketches, Boundary Peak left of Mt. Athabasca.

KJT Paintings Summer 93-34 Athabasca Alpenglow
Athabasca Alpenglow 12″ x 16″ oil circa 1993 KJT

Impression of early morning start to Mt. Athabasca north face route climb in the 1980’s, by Kona’s “dad” (sold circa 1994).

Tangle Ridge (1,100 m gain)

Buddy on Tangle Ridge – Wooley, Diadem and Mushroom at left

Buddy (6 yrs) on Tangle Ridge, view to north-west across Icefields Parkway. Mt. Wooley, Diadem Peak and Mushroom Peak at left.

Mt. Alberta, Mt. Wooley and Diadem Peak from Tangle Ridge

Close-up of Mt. Alberta, Mt. Wooley, Diadem Peak and Mushroom Peak from Tangle Ridge.

Athabasca and Andromeda from Tangle Ridge

View to south from Tangle Ridge with Mt. Athabasca and Mt. Andromeda (‘Skyladder’ route at right) above Athabasca Glacier.

Skyladder route on Andromeda Aug 16 1986

View of Tangle Ridge (upper left) and Mt. Wilcox from ‘Skyladder’ route on Mt. Andromeda August 16, 1986.

Tangle Ridge from Mt. Athabasca
Tangle Ridge from Mt. Athabasca July 1985

View of Tangle Ridge (upper right behind Mt. Wilcox and Wilcox Pass) from Mt. Athabasca July 27, 1985. Mt. Wooley and Diadem Peak at upper left. Icefields Parkway and Centre and toe of Athabasca glacier below.