Athabasca Glacier (615 m elev. gain)

Kona – Mt. Athabasca

Kona at edge of glacier with climbers’ tracks to either Silverhorn or North Face routes. Some fresh snow in late August.

Kona – Athabasca Glacier

Following the moraine along the edge of the glacier. Silverhorn climbers’ route angling to the right and topping out at the pyramid shape, main summit to the left above the north face mixed ice / rock route.

Tarn on Athabasca

Reflection of the mountain in a tarn near the top of the hike.

Kona – Columbia Icefields

View back down the ridge / moraine at the Columbia Icefields Centre and Mount Wilcox and Wilcox Ridge beyond.

Kona – Boundary Peak

Boundary Peak covered in fresh snow.

Kona – Stairs on Athabasca

Some building materials at the “bivy shelter” at the top of the climbers’ approach trail. Mount Kitchener in background.

Athabasca – Silverhorn 1985

View from summit ridge of the Silverhorn route on Athabasca in 1985 with the small tarn and approach route along moraine / ridge just visible at lower right. Icefields Centre and Mt. Wilcox at right.


Tangle Ridge (1,100 m gain)

Buddy on Tangle Ridge – Wooley, Diadem and Mushroom at left

Buddy (6 yrs) on Tangle Ridge, view to north-west across Icefields Parkway. Mt. Wooley, Diadem Peak and Mushroom Peak at left.

Mt. Alberta, Mt. Wooley and Diadem Peak from Tangle Ridge

Close-up of Mt. Alberta, Mt. Wooley, Diadem Peak and Mushroom Peak from Tangle Ridge.

Athabasca and Andromeda from Tangle Ridge

View to south from Tangle Ridge with Mt. Athabasca and Mt. Andromeda (‘Skyladder’ route at right) above Athabasca Glacier.

Skyladder route on Andromeda Aug 16 1986

View of Tangle Ridge (upper left) and Mt. Wilcox from ‘Skyladder’ route on Mt. Andromeda August 16, 1986.

Tangle Ridge from Mt. Athabasca
Tangle Ridge from Mt. Athabasca July 1985

View of Tangle Ridge (upper right behind Mt. Wilcox and Wilcox Pass) from Mt. Athabasca July 27, 1985. Mt. Wooley and Diadem Peak at upper left. Icefields Parkway and Centre and toe of Athabasca glacier below.