Utopia Mountain (1,180 m elev. gain)

Buddy – Utopi Mountain

Buddy (7 yrs) on Utopia Mountain in early September after taking a drainage too early and climbing the wrong peak the week before. Buddy’s “dad” completed the “Kane book” scrambles with Pyramid Mountain the following week without Buddy due to the bike approach.

Mount O’Hagan (1,055 m elev. gain)

Buddy – O’Hagan

Buddy and friend on Mount O’Hagan in late August. We found a register with Rick Collier’s name on this “rarely ascended peak” according to Rick’s solo trip report in Bivouac.com. Behind is Utopia, our intended destination, but after taking the wrong drainage too far to return we continued to explore new high points. Utopia was completed the following week and Pyramid the week after that by Buddy’s “dad” to complete the “Kane scrambles book”.