Mt. Lawrence Grassi (1020m gain)

Kona on Mt. Lawrence Grassi May 31st – Three Sisters behind

Kona on Mt. Lawrence Grassi in late May. Ship’s Prow Mtn. in front of Three Sisters. Lougheed peaks visible between Big and Middle Sister. All scrambles except Little Sister (a rock climb). Old Goat Mountain on right skyline.

Kona on Mt. Lawrence Grassi – Mt. Rundle behind

View to EEOR (East End of Rundle) and main highest peak of Mt. Rundle from Mt. Lawrence Grassi. Ha Ling Peak is out of view below.

Mt. Rundle Peak 3
Mt. Rundle east ridge Peaks 4 to 8 from main summit Peak 3 Sept 1999

View of Mt. Lawrence Grassi (in front of Three Sisters and Mt. Lougheed peaks) from Mt. Rundle main summit in Sept. 1999.

John M. on Little Sister July 22 1990 – view to Mt. Rundle and Canmore

View of Ship’s Prow, Mt. Lawrence Grassi and Mt. Rundle from Little Sister July 22, 1990. Canmore and Bow Valley below.