Ship’s Prow Peak (1050 m gain)

Kona on Ship’s Prow May 27th – Three Sisters behind

Kona on Ship’s Prow Peak after late May ascent from Smith-Dorrien road. Three Sisters peaks (l. to r. Little, Middle and Big) in background with Lougheeds Peaks 1 and 2 poking up behind.

Kona on Ship’s Prow – Mt. Lawrence Grassi behind

View from Ship’s Prow to Mt. Lawrence Grassi with Mt. Rundle’s highest point in the distance and Bow Valley below.

Kona on Middle Sister – Ship’s Prow and Mt. Lawrence Grassi behind

View of Ship’s Prow ridge and Mt. Lawrence Grassi from Middle Sister June 12th.

Kona on Mt. Lawrence Grassi – Ship’s Prow and Three Sisters behind

View of Ship’s Prow (in front of Three Sisters) from Mt. Lawrence Grassi May 31st.