Mt. St. Piran (900 m elev. gain)

Kona – St. Piran

Kona on Mt. St. Piran with Mt. Temple behind Sheol / Haddo ridge and Devil’s Thumb in foreground. Alternate route up Devil’s Thumb is the scree gully at the left (Kona’s Afi went up and down it after traversing from St. Piran to Niblock in July 1993.) Aberdeen glacier at upper right. Mt. Aberdeen used to be one of the three mixed snow/ice climbs required for full membership in the ACC (Alpine Club of Canada).

Mt. Aberdeen 15 Sept 85

Mt. Aberdeen upper glacier from ACC climb in Sept 1985.

Kona – Treat on St. Piran

Kona getting the standard MacD’s apple pie treat on the top. View of Louise ski slopes with Unity / Pumpkin / Lipalian traverse in distance.

Kona – St. Piran descending to Niblock col

On descent to the Niblock / Piran col leading to valley above Lake Agnes. The Mitre’s pointy peak sticking up in the gap between Mt. Aberdeen and Mt. Lefroy, over the shoulder of Mt. Whyte. Past The Mitre are Neptuak and Wenkchemna in Valley of the Ten Peaks.

Consummation Peak (1,000 m elev. gain)

Kona – Consummation Peak

Kona heading down from Consummation Peak in late August after a long rest on top recovering from the tedious hike from the parking lot. Lake O’Hara in centre distance with closer Wiwaxy Peaks to its left and Mount Schaffer to its right, just left of the shoulder of Odaray Mountain. (see below for view back from Schaffer to Consummation).

Kona – Cathedral Basin

Remnants of glacier on the north side of Mount Stephen from Consummation Peak. Cathedral Mountain is out of sight to the right.

Kona – Apple Turnover

The usual reward for doing a better job of route-finding than her companion.

Kona – Lake O’Hara Peaks

Mount Huber glacier, the route Kona’s “dad” took in 1986, although seems to be not the preferred route these days. (see photo below). Peaks (l. to r.) – Victoria S., Huber, Lefroy, Wiwaxy, Glacier, Yukness, Ringrose.

Kris T. – Huber Glacier Aug 9, 1986

Kona’s “dad” climbing Huber Glacier in 1986.

Consummation Peak from Mount Schaffer

Consummation Peak is the small bump just right of Odaray Mountain in front of glaciated Mount Stephen. Photo from Schaffer in 2020.

The Goodsirs

The Goodsirs in cloud directly south from Consummation Peak through Odaray Pass.

Athabasca Glacier (615 m elev. gain)

Kona – Mt. Athabasca

Kona at edge of glacier with climbers’ tracks to either Silverhorn or North Face routes. Some fresh snow in late August.

Kona – Athabasca Glacier

Following the moraine along the edge of the glacier. Silverhorn climbers’ route angling to the right and topping out at the pyramid shape, main summit to the left above the north face mixed ice / rock route.

Tarn on Athabasca

Reflection of the mountain in a tarn near the top of the hike.

Kona – Columbia Icefields

View back down the ridge / moraine at the Columbia Icefields Centre and Mount Wilcox and Wilcox Ridge beyond.

Kona – Boundary Peak

Boundary Peak covered in fresh snow.

Kona – Stairs on Athabasca

Some building materials at the “bivy shelter” at the top of the climbers’ approach trail. Mount Kitchener in background.

Athabasca – Silverhorn 1985

View from summit ridge of the Silverhorn route on Athabasca in 1985 with the small tarn and approach route along moraine / ridge just visible at lower right. Icefields Centre and Mt. Wilcox at right.

Victoria Glacier (940 m elev. gain)

Kona – Victoria Glacier

Kona eating her kibbles at a cool spot on the scree covered glacier with 30C+ temperatures in the valley below. Interesting view of Mount Fay in the gap across three valleys (Plain of Six Glaciers, Paradise, and Ten Peaks. Mount Temple looming over shoulder of Aberdeen, and Pinnacle Peak just behind shoulder of The Mitre behind shoulder of Lefroy.

Kona – Abbott Pass

View of Abbott Pass from high moraine with Lefroy on left and Victoria on right.

ACC Abbott Hut

Close-up of Alpine Club of Canada Abbott Hut, for a long time the highest permanently habitable structure in Canada, before the Neil Colgan hut above Moraine Lake was built.

Kona – Mt. Victoria

Late summer snow patch to cool off on way to toe of glacier. “The Sickle” ice formation on way to Mount Victoria South summit visible on ridge behind.

Kona and Koji – Glacier Viewpoint

Koji on glacier viewpoint trail from Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse. “The Deathtrap” approach to Abbott Pass behind.

Wilcox Ridge (450 m elev. gain)

Kona – Wilcox Ridge

Kona nearing Wilcox Ridge in mid-August, Mounts Athabasca and Andromeda behind.

Kona – Wilcox Ridge – Snow Dome

Kona at Wilcox Ridge, Mounts Snow Dome and Kitchener behind, right of Columbia Glacier.

Princess – Wilcox Ridge

Princess the hiking cat on Wilcox Ridge checking out Boundary Peak, Mount Athabasca and Mount Andromeda behind.

Poutine – Wilcox Ridge

Poutine the cat on Wilcox Ridge not so sure about Kona – view to the south