Mt. Allan (1350 m elevation gain)

Kona on Mount Allan in late October

Kona (2 yrs) on Mount Allan Centennial Ridge route in late October. Mount Collembola and connecting ridge behind. Pigeon Mountain at left, Mount Yamnuska in distance (just past Kona’s nose).

Smutwood Peak (850 m elevation gain)

Kona on Smutwood Peak in September

Kona (2 yrs) on Smutwood Peak. Mt. Smuts (difficult scramble) behind. Wind Tower, Mount Lougheed peaks 1 & 2 and Mount Sparrowhawk (snowy) in distance.

Kona on Smutwood Peak

Following the group rules.

View to Mt. Birdwood, Mt. Sir Douglas and Burstall Pass from Smutwood Peak

View toward Mount Birdwood, Mount French, Mount Robertson, Whistling Rock Ridge, Zeke’s Peak, Burstall Pass, Mount Sir Douglas and Snow Peak.

Unnamed 8800 ft w of Smuts Pass Mar 4 89-27 Birdwood & Sir Douglas
View to Mt. Birdwood and Mt. Sir Douglas from Smutwood Peak March 4, 1989

Similar view on a ski and hike ascent of what was then just called Unnamed 8800 ft west of Smuts Pass on Mar 4, 1989.

Unnamed 8800 ft w of Smuts Pass Mar 4 89-32
Ptarmigans on Smutwood Peak March 4, 1989

Flock of ptarmigans on Smutwood Peak slopes Mar. 4, 1989.

Mt Birdwood July 23 88-13
Mt. Birdwood July 23, 1988

View of Smutwood Peak at left and Smuts at right from Mt. Birdwood July 23, 1988. Smuts Pass below.

Helena Ridge (1500 m elevation gain)

Buddy on Helena Ridge June 2006
Buddy on Helena Ridge – Tower Lake and Rockbound Lake behind

Buddy (6 yrs) on Helena Ridge. Castle Mountain, Tower Lake and Rockbound Lake behind.

Buddy on Helena Ridge

Buddy enjoying the snow.

Kona on Castle Mountain – Helena Ridge behind

Kona and view of Helena Ridge and Stuart Knob (at left) from Castle Mountain. Rockbound Lake below.