Mt. Baldy (715 m elev. gain)

Kona Mt. Baldy
Kona at sheltered spot on Mt. Baldy

Kona found a cool place to sit on a late May day. Unusual amount of snow still on peaks.

Kana Mt. Baldy
View down Mt. Baldy scramble route – Barrier Lake

View down the ridge with Kananaskis River valley below.


Mt. Kidd with James Walker and Fortress just to the left. Too much snow for pleasant scrambling.

plein air Kananaskis
Sketching at Lower Kananaskis Lake

Finishing the day with some plein air painting at Lower Kananaskis Lake.

Karin Upper Kan Lake July 4 2020
Plein air painting at Upper Kananaskis Lake

Another day painting at Upper Kananaskis Lake – Kona’s “sister” silk artist.


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